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Guidelines for 40th International and Japan Masters Athletics Championships 

1 Sponsorship Japan Masters Athletics・The Asahi Shimbun Company

2 Dates September 13 (Fri) – 16 (Monday), 2019 4 days

3 Schedule

DAY 1September 13 (Fri) 8:30 – 15:30
Opening ceremony17:30 (Sakura Hotel Maebashi)
Reception18:30 (Sakura Hotel Maebashi)
DAY 2 September 14(Sat)8:30 Start of the game
DAY 3September 15(Sun) 8:30 Start of the game
DAY 4September 16(Mon)8:30 Start of the game
19:00 Closing session

4 Venue

・Shoda soy sauce stadium Gunma and auxiliary stadium 
・Football field is available for warming up
 Address: Shikishima-machi 66 Maebashi-City 371-0036
 Phone +81-27-234-9338

5 Competition classes

Classified as follows according to the age as of the first day of the championship based on the age class. (eg. An athlete born on September 13,1948 shall be M/W 70, born on September 14, 1948 shall be M/W 65.)

M35W3535 ~ 39M75W7575 ~ 79
M40W4040 ~ 44M80W8080 ~ 84
M45W4545 ~ 49M85W8585 ~ 89
M50W5050 ~ 54M90W9090 ~ 94
M55W5555 ~ 59M95W9595 ~ 99
M60W6060 ~ 64M100W100+100 ~ 104
M65W6565 ~ 69M105+Over 105 years old
M70W7070 ~ 74

6 Competition type   Men’s 29 events, girls 26 events

EventMale FemaleRemarks
Track events60mM60~W60~
100mAll ClassesAll Classes
200mAll ClassesAll Classes
400mAll ClassesAll Classes
800mAll ClassesAll Classes
1500mAll ClassesAll Classes
3000mM60 ~ M90W50 ~ W80Time-limited
5000mM35 ~ M55W35 ~ W45Time-limited
80mHM70 ~ M85W40 ~ W75
100mHM50 ~ M65W35 ~ W35
110mHM35 ~ M55None
200mHM80 ~ M85W70 ~ W75
300mHM60 ~ M75W50 ~ W65
400mHM35 ~ M55W35 ~ W45
2000mSCM60 ~ M75W35 ~ W75Time limited
3000mSCM35 ~ M55None
3000mWM60 ~ M90W35 ~ W80
5000mWM35 ~ M55None
Jumping eventsHigh JumpAll ClassesAll Classes
Pole VaultM35 ~ M90W35 ~ W80
Long JumpAll ClassesAll Classes
Triple JumpAll ClassesAll Classes
Five Steps M60~W60~
Throwing eventsShot PutAll ClassesAll Classes
Discus ThrowAll ClassesAll Classes
Hammer ThrowAll ClassesAll Classes
Javelin ThrowAll ClassesAll Classes
Relay events4×100mRAll ClassesAll Classes
4×400mRAll ClassesAll Classes

7 Entry fee

(1) One event: 8,000JPY, two events 9,000JPY, three events 10,000JPY. (Max. three events)
(2) Relay: 10,000 yen per event(team).
(3) Any changes and/or additions after the application are not accepted even before the deadline.

8 Application for relay events

Select relay members from among individual entries. Participant for relay event only is not allowed.

(A) In the case of entry from overseas, the relay team shall be for each country. Each team / class must be one team. Elderly athletes can participate in younger classes, but it is necessary to include at least two competitors in the class. Maximum number of athletes to register is limited up to 6 athletes per team.

(B) The entry fee is 10,000 JPY per event, per team. 

<Change relay members>
In case of changing to an athlete other than a relay registrant, the replacement shall not exceed two. In addition, elderly athlete can participate as younger class.

It is application start at the end of May.